MindX Blood Tests

Blood test product

For suicidality risk, pain, PTSD, mood disorders (depression/bipolar), memory/Alzheimer’s, and longevity.

The report for each disease test is communicated to the ordering clinician to help objectively assess disease severity, future risk, and most importantly to help match the patient to the right medications and nutraceuticals. Repeating the tests can help monitor response to treatment. As part of routine annual exams, these blood tests can be used for preventive purposes.

The tests are currently self-pay by patients. CPT codes are available for them (suicidality risk- CPT 0293U; pain -CPT 0290U; stress (PTSD) -CPT 0292U; mood disorders (depression/bipolar) -CPT 0291U; memory/Alzheimer’s - CPT 0289U; longevity- CPT 0294U). MindX will pursue Medicare and insurance coverage in the near future.

Available for interested clinicians. Contact us at info@mindxsciences.com, or place an order here on our site. Clinicians who order the tests done will be provided with kits containing special blood test tubes and mailing envelopes. Patients can go to a designated blood draw center or a hospital laboratory to get their blood drawn. The tubes are mailed to our laboratory. The test is performed in a CLIA setting. The test results are sent by MindX Sciences to the ordering clinician.