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A GPS for your Life!

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Life x Mind (LXM) is a science-based, simple, easy, and comprehensive self-assessment and self-tracker. It measures how people feel, think, behave, and helps understand their interplay.

LXM can be used by doctors with their patients at the time of the appointments, and by therapists with their clients, to help with diagnosis and clinical management. In essence, it is a comprehensive mental state exam. There is a CPT code that can be billed for its use: 96127.

LXM can also optionally be used at home, in a configurable way, to self-track how patients are doing between appointments.

LXM is dual use, clinical and self-improvement. Individuals can choose to use this app at home for self-improvement, to help them better understand themselves and optimize their lives, and live happier, more hopeful, and more meaningful lives.

Trust — The Life x Mind self-assessment is based on two decades of academic clinical research.

Confidentiality — MindX does not collect any information from the app, it stays all secure on the person’s phone.

Comprehensiveness — Based on a comprehensive framework of mind and life and how they interact.

There is a free 2 week trial, after which the price is just $19.99 per year.

The science and framework underlying it is described in the book Life and Mind by Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu, the founder of MindX Sciences.  Available on Amazon.

Ten percent of the proceeds from each app will be donated to mental health support organizations.