How Can We Help Transform Your Life?

The mental health of the future: One app. One blood tube once or twice a year. One pill pack a day with nutraceuticals and/or medications. Helping people get unstuck and move on with their lives. We are building that at MindX Sciences.

10% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to mental health support organizations. Join our mission!


Therapeutics — Molecular — Digital

Products are independent of each other, but there is synergy in using them together.

The MindX Platform
MindX One blood test kit for mental health assessment.

MindX One Blood Testing is a patented mRNA biomarker-based testing helping with objective assessment and personalized treatment guidance for mental health and pain conditions.

MindX Sciences Life x Improve program: Personalized strategies for enhancing mental health and overall well-being.

Life x Improve is a digital life improvement tool that delivers personalized risk reduction and life improvement strategies.

MindX Life App: Personalized mental health management and improvement tool by MindX Sciences.

The Life X Mind App helps measure and understand the interplay of how people feel, think and behave leading to optimized performance.

“The results of the MindX Sciences reports have been uncannily accurate in finding the most effective treatments and for many, it is life-changing and life-saving. I cannot recommend it more highly.”

Dr. Mark Jaffe

Private Practice, Los Angeles, CA

“MindX Sciences has assisted Grey Matters International’s toolkit in advancing patient care and patient-centric services like no other.”

Dr. Kevin Fleming

Grey Matters International, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Patient and clinician testimonials about MindX Sciences' impact on mental health and well-being.
Precision Medicine for Mental Health
That’s our mission, and the promise of our science-based approach—helping objectively assess mental health, and matching people to life improvements and treatments that transform the quality and extend the duration of life. This results in the ability to do something unprecedented in mental health: proceeding with confidence.
Longevity and Mental Health
Suboptimal mental health is one of the main (under-recognized) drivers of decreased lifespan, on par with cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Mental health and longevity are intimately connected at a biological level. We can help improve both.
Live Happier Longer: MindX Sciences’ approach to enhancing mental health and promoting longevity.