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Empowering Precision Medicine for the Mind
That’s the promise of our science-based approach—helping doctors objectively assess suicide risk, pain, stress, depression, and other mental health challenges, and match people to therapies that improve the quality and extend the duration of life. This results in the ability to do something unprecedented when treating mental illness: proceeding with confidence. We will also collaborate with pharmaceutical companies towards their new drug development, and that of our own repurposed drug candidates.
The Process

Relief from mental health suffering, in three stages.

The Hope

Now mental health management can benefit from the most potent treatment of all: clarity.

  • Nothing is more stressful than basing crucial health decisions on guesswork.
  • “Is this the wrong approach?” “Is it too much?” “Not enough?”
  • Until now, the only approach available was dependent on a patient’s self-report and a doctor’s clinical impression. But now mental health and pain can be treated with scientific rigor.
  • Quantified assessments, based on biomarker research. Confident therapeutics, tailored to each individual’s unique situation. Optimism based on reality, and hope based on quantifiable results.
  • A relief from suffering—addressing the cause of mental health problems, and the worry that every solution is imprecise.
  • “Wondering if you’re right” is its own kind of suffering. We’re here to end it.