Precision Medicine for Mental Health

That’s our mission, and the promise of our science-based approach—helping objectively assess mental health, and matching people to life improvements and treatments that transform the quality and extend the duration of life. This results in the ability to do something unprecedented in mental health: proceeding with confidence.
Relief from mental health suffering, in three stages
Using proprietary science-based digital tools, we help patients track their mental health symptoms and assess risk of mental health issues. We provide them and their clinicians with actionable information: tracking of symptoms, a risk score, and list of personalized recommendations for improvement. This information can help clinicians establish a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Using blood tests, we match patients to the right treatments based on their biology. We provide doctors with actionable information: a report containing list of personalized medications and nutraceutical options, and a disease risk score. Repeated testing can objectively monitor response to treatment and help doctors make adjustments, which may include a combination of medications, nutraceuticals, and behavioral solutions.
Psychiatric medication prescriptions often follow a trial-and-error method. This results in non-response and a delay in treating patients. New drug development in psychiatry has also been singularly unsuccessful. MindX Sciences technology enables not only the matching of patients with existing medications and nutraceuticals, but also enables the precise development of new or repurposed medications. We will train a generative AI on our accumulating, high quality, highly curated, clinical and genomic big data, to develop a MindX AI for helping clinicians assess and treat patients, and for use in new drug development.
Now mental health management can benefit from the most potent treatment of all: clarity
Nothing is more stressful than basing crucial health decisions on guesswork. /“Is this the wrong approach?” “Is it too much?” “Not enough?” /Until now, the only approach available was dependent on a patient’s self-report and a doctor’s clinical impression. But now mental health and pain can be treated with scientific rigor. /Quantified assessments, based on biomarker research. Confident therapeutics, tailored to each individual’s unique situation. Optimism based on reality, and hope based on quantifiable results. /A relief from suffering—addressing the cause of mental health problems, and the worry that every solution is imprecise. /“Wondering if you’re right” is its own kind of suffering. We’re here to end it.
“The results of the MindX Sciences reports have been uncannily accurate in finding the most effective treatments and for many, it is life-changing and life-saving. I cannot recommend it more highly.”

Dr. Mark Jaffe

Private Practice, Los Angeles, CA

“MindX Sciences has assisted Grey Matters International’s toolkit in advancing patient care and patient-centric services like no other.”

Dr. Kevin Fleming

Grey Matters International, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Longevity and Mental Health
Suboptimal mental health is one of the main (under-recognized) drivers of decreased lifespan, on par with cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Mental health and longevity are intimately connected at a biological level. We can help improve both.