March 12th, 2024Indiana University Researchers Develop Gene Expression-Based Test for Schizophrenia. GenomeWeb
February 27th, 2024Blood test may predict psychosis risks. NIH Research Matters
February 8th, 2024Blood test predicts psychosis risk, most effective treatments.

A team of researchers led by Indiana University School of Medicine faculty have developed a breakthrough new blood test for schizophrenia, a psychiatric disorder that includes hallucinations and delusions. View more...

February 8th, 2024Breakthrough blood test predicts schizophrenia risk, best treatments. New Yor Post
September 11th, 2023Can Anxiety be in Your BLOOD? Dr. Niculescu reaching the younger generation on the channels they watch. A wide-ranging, comprehensive, and candid interview about mental health. Psych2Go
September 6th, 2023Dr. Niculescu, our Founder and CEO, is honored to be featured alongside other top experts in the field of precision medicine in this publication from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, one of the oldest and most prestigious societies (founded in 1906). Our work aims to normalize psychiatry, making it like other medical specialties. A small step for medicine, a big step for psychiatry. ASBMB Today
August 9th, 2023MindX Sciences, Inc. (MindX), a leading mental health solutions provider, announced investments from professional soccer players Jozy Altidore, Bobby Wood, and Eriq Zavaleta. Read more here...
April 10th, 2023Suicide Rates Peak During Full Moon and Late Afternoons, New Study Reveals; How Strong Is the Linkage Between Lunar Phases and Mental Health? The Science Times
April 9th, 2023Suicides rise significantly during week of full Moon, according to US study. The Jerusalem Post
April 7th, 2023Deaths by suicide increase significantly during the week of a full moon. View more...
March 23rd, 2023Could a Blood Test Help Detect Anxiety Disorders? Health
March 23rd, 2023Blood test developed to better diagnose, treat anxiety. The National Desk
March 13th, 2023A Possible Blood Test for Anxiety. Discover Magazine
March 10th, 2023Researchers say this blood test can help determine if you have anxiety. Deseret News
March 8th, 2023Fox 59 TV interview with our Founder, Dr. Niculescu: FOX59 TV
March 7th, 2023WISH-TV interview with Dr. Niculescu: WISH-TV
March 7th, 2023IU School of Medicine researchers develop blood test for anxiety. View more...
March 2nd, 2023Our biomarkers for pain are featured in a discussion of objectivity and subjectivity in medicine, in Science magazine. Read article in Science
February 4th, 2023Interview with Dr. Michael Lardon, a member of our SAB, on optimal mental states for high performance: “Tips from a sports psychiatrist on how to perform under pressure.” Fast Company
December 9th, 2022MindX Sciences has received notice of allowance of US Patent application 16/677,414, PRECISION MEDICINE FOR TREATING AND PREVENTING SUICIDALITY, licensed by MindX Sciences from Indiana University.
November 30th, 2022The European Patent Office granted European Patent EP3433380 titled: DRUGS. PHARMACOGENOMICS AND BIOMARKERS FOR ACTIVE LONGEVITY, licensed by MindX Sciences from Indiana University.
July 28th, 2022IUSM-developed suicide questionnaire nudges 90% accuracy. Inside Indiana Business
July 7th, 2022IU School of Medicine scientists’ tool predicts risk without asking if patient is suicidal. WISH-TV
July 1st, 2022IU released a new suicide prevention screening that could save lives. WRTV
June 27th, 2022IU researchers validate new screening tool to decrease suicidality risk. View more...
May 24th, 2022IU researchers develop blood test for depression, bipolar disorder. WTHR YouTube
There’s a Blood Test That Can Diagnose Depression. Why Aren’t We Using it? PBS Vitals — Apr 21, 2022
Blood test offers new hope to people with depression. Al Jazeera — Nov 29, 2021
November 2, 2021Barbara Van Dahlen, PhD, has joined MindX Sciences as Chief Psychology Officer and co-chair of our Mental Health Transformation Advisory Board, along with Dr. Jerome Adams, the former Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Van Dahlen was most recently the Executive Director of the US Government PREVENTS Task Force. Dr. Van Dahlen is also the Founder of Give an Hour nonprofit organization, and Mental Health Consultant to ABC’s A Million Little Things. She will provide leadership to our suicide prevention efforts, and strategic advice on new product development and roll-out.
October 1st, 2021MindX Sciences has been issued CPT codes for 6 blood tests. See pages 9-10 here.
September 28th, 2021Why biomarkers are going to revolutionize mental health. Dr. Niculescu's new piece in Neuropsychopharmacology
August 6th, 2021Congratulations to our Board Member and co-founder Dr. Tien Lee. His company, Aardvark Therapeutics, closed series B.
July 14th, 2021The United States Patent Office granted US Patent No. 11,047,009 titled: BLOOD BIOMARKERS FOR SUICIDALITY, licensed by MindX Sciences from Indiana University.
June 3, 2021MindX Sciences has established a Mental Health Transformation Advisory Board, which will be led by Dr. Jerome Adams, the former Surgeon General of the United States. He will provide strategic advice on maximizing societal impact, addressing health disparities, and helping improve military mental health. Dr. Adams is also a practicing anesthesiologist, and has a strong interest and expertise in pain treatments and addictions.
A blood test may help the diagnosis and treatment of depression. The Economist — May 3, 2021
MindX Sciences Aims to Bring Objectivity to Psychiatric Disorder Testing With RNA Expression Markers. GenomeWeb — April 28, 2021
Panel of 26 Biomarkers May Allow for Precision Medicine Treatment Plans Among Patients With Mood Disorders. PsychiatryAdvisor — April 26, 2021
Indianapolis, April 26, 2021MindX Sciences is proud to announce a partnership with Q2, a premier genomics lab. View more...
Can a Blood Test Diagnose Depression? HealthyWomen — April 20, 2021
Researchers develop blood test that could help gauge depression, bipolar disorder. FOX5 New York — April 12, 2021
Bientôt un test sanguin pour détecter la dépression et le trouble bipolaire? Pourqui Docteur — 11.04.2021
Researchers Develop Biomarker Blood Test for Depression, Bipolar Disorder. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News — April 9, 2021
April 8th, 2021IU School of Medicine researchers develop blood test for depression, bipolar disorder. View more...
March 9th, 2021Dr. Christopher Reist, an authority on PTSD and clinical trials, joined the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of MindX Sciences.
March 8th, 2021Dr. Alexander Niculescu gave a talk on “Precision Medicine for Mood Disorders”, an upcoming publication, at the annual invitation-only Translational Psychiatry meeting in Park City, Utah, this year held in a virtual format.
February 26th, 2021The United States Patent Office granted US Patent No. 10,991,449 titled: PREDICTING SUICIDALITY USING A COMBINED GENOMIC AND CLINICAL RISK ASSESSMENT, licensed by MindX Sciences from Indiana University.
Can An Indy Startup Conquer Mental Health’s Final Frontier? Indianapolis Monthly, March 2021
A New Blood Test For Measuring Pain. BBC World Service — Feb 24, 2019