Social-Psycho-Bio to Know, Bio-Psycho-Social to Improve2021-12-04

Yes, know thyself: in great concerns or small, be this thy care, for this, my friend, is all.


Outside-In to Know

To truly know somebody’s mental functioning, you have to obtain:

  • Social measures, such as a checklist of life activities and success in them, or lack thereof;
  • Psychological measures, such as how they feel and think; and
  • Biological measures, such as molecular biomarkers.

At MindX Sciences, we have programmatically developed precision medicine tools to do all three. That is symbolized by our logo of three concentric circles.

For social, we have the LRxImprove digital test. For psychological, we have the Life x Mind app. And for biological, we have MindX Blood Tests.

For comprehensive understanding, first, you have to see how somebody is functioning in life, then dig deeper.

Inside-Out to Improve

To truly help improve somebody’s mental functioning, you have to use:

  • Biological means such as nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals;
  • Psychological means, such as counselling; and
  • Social means, such as life improvements.

Our tools can pivot from Knowing to Improving in a personalized fashion.

The MindX Blood Tests can match people to nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals in a personalized fashion. The Life x Mind app can provide insights and feedback in a personalized fashion. And LRxImprove digital test provides a personalized life improvement plan, that helps mitigate suicidality, but in reality does much more than that. It gives you a life worth living.

For long-lasting improvement, first, you have to stabilize somebody’s biology, then work your way outwards.

Live. Happier. Longer.