Easy and Hard2024-03-04

Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.

Billy Graham

Most individuals prefer to invest minimal resources and get maximal life satisfaction. Products that are fast, easy, simple to use, and cheap, while promising massive satisfaction, sell well. These are often, upon careful reflection, addictions. Fast food, fast results, fast information.

The path less traveled, but more productive in the long-term, is the opposite one. Do things that are slow, hard, complex, and expensive, for important life success goals. Then satisfaction will come, and it is durable. Overcoming challenges forces us to take this later approach, and so they are a blessing in disguise.

Keeping track of your activities and which category they fall in from the dichotomy above, addictions or achievements, through journaling or an app (such as the Life x Mind one we created), is the first step. Choosing to focus on the second category by scheduling such activities as appointments, with dedicated blocks of time, is the second step. Reflecting at the end of the week on what you did, learned, and plan to do next is the third step.