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Life x Mind by MindX Sciences — Currently available

Life x Mind by MindX Sciences is meant to be a dashboard for your Life and Mind, a way to journal what you do and how you feel, and see how they impact each other. This will help you Know Thyself, Improve Thyself, as the ancient philosophers dreamed of, and live a happier, more hopeful, and more meaningful life. The philosophy and science underlying it is described in the book  Life and Mind  by Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu, the founder of MindX Sciences. Available on Amazon.

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SXPrevent Web App by MindX Sciences — Currently available

The SXPrevent Web App by MindX Sciences is a dashboard for doctors and health organizations to manage and reduce suicide risk. It is based on solid research. Studies describing its components have been published in peer reviewed scientific and medical journals.

Blood Tests

SXPrevent Blood Test by MindX Sciences — Coming Soon


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