Longevity-Measure to Manage2021-11-20

What gets measured gets managed.

Peter Drucker

A Formula for Longevity

Longevity = Passive Longevity x Active Longevity

Passive Longevity = (Prevention x Repair) / (Wear x Tear)

Active Longevity = (Life Success x Life Satisfaction) / (Suicidality Risk x Suicidality Ideation)

Active Longevity: Measure to Manage

Life Success is composed of Health, Wealth, and Influence. For self, progeny, extended kin, and the world at large.

Life Satisfaction is composed of Happiness, Hope and Meaning.

On the dark side, Suicidality Risk can be quantified as a sum of risk factors. And Suicidality Ideation can be quantified on a scale of 0 to 4. All these are now measured in the latest release of our Life x Mind App, version 9.0.

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Live. Happier. Longer.