The Gifts of Gratitude, Knowledge and Improvement2021-12-19

Only one ambition is legitimate: to become better people

Vladimir Ghika

Being grateful is the best way to be happy. You do that by focusing on things that you have that you did not have in the past, or that other less fortunate do not have.

Knowledge of what your true life goals are, of how you feel and think, what life activities you do, and how they impact that, is the best way to develop meaning in your life. You do that by using a digital or paper journal.

Improvements every day in your body, mind, and environment are the best way to develop hope for the future. You do that by getting on the right nutrition and medications, developing better mental habits, clearing your environment of addictions.

Give yourself and loved ones the gifts of a better present and future with the tools that we and other have developed. There is no better time than the Holidays and the New Year to get on the right track with your life.

Live. Happier. Longer.