Drifting or Navigating2022-09-17

How easy it was to drift through an unchosen life, in a succession of reactions to events.

Ian McEwan

Different choices in life might take us to completely different places. It is important, then, to actively navigate life, know what ports we want to head for, and trim the sails to take advantage of prevailing winds, so we can eventually end up there.

We have developed a dashboard for life and mind, to help people set course and navigate the ocean of life. Having a clear mission statement as a compass, tools to monitor the ship and the water around it, and the ability to trim or unfurl the sails of the mind, can make a difference between success and failure, between a satisfied life and an unsatisfied one.

We all go through unexpected storms, but by having the foresight, preparation, and the proper instruments to navigate them we can avoid sinking or drifting.

Live. Happier. Longer.