Comparison is the thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt

Positive comparisons: Compare yourself with your previous self to see how far you’ve come, and compare yourself with others less fortunate. Journaling over the years, reflection on how far you’ve come along, and volunteering to help others in need are great sources of happiness.

Negative comparisons: Compare yourself with what you hope to become, and compare yourself with others more fortunate. Life is a process, there is always more left to do, and we do not always succeed initially at a new or hard endeavor.

Negative comparisons can be transformed into positives by optimists, by using them as motivation and inspiration to become better. Optimists persevere. Learning from others who are successful the details of their journey, the ups and down, the persistance it took, can be great sources of hope. Reading biographies is illuminating.

We are building into our Life x Mind app for future release a Scoreboard screen, to be used at night, where you can log Wins, Learns (we do not call them losses), Nexts (what you plan to achieve tomorrow), and Opus (how what you did fits into your life’s mission).

Live. Happier. Longer.