Everything is a narrative in life.

Kara Swisher

Most actions are not just reactions to stimuli from the external environment or internal milieu, there is a narrative involved. The narrative results from the stimuli interacting with the existing background of the person, from molecular signaling to neuronal circuits to mental constructs. The latter are affected by past experiences, learning, and exposure to various cultural values.

In mental health, the battle that we are fighting is for patients to have a better internal narrative. From more precise measurements of their feelings and thoughts, to objective blood tests, and the personalized matching to treatments, all the recent advances others and us have made (see can contribute to changing the narrative from fear and stigma, despair, and uncertainty, to a more confident, constructive and optimistic one.

On a more philosophical note, the concept of narrative can be extended to the micro realm of cells and organisms, and to the macro realm of groups and society. Minding the narrative and moving it in positive directions is the way to improve things.

Live. Happier. Longer.