Person and Persona2023-05-08

Person or persona- we are more preoccupied to compose our persona than to succeed as a person.

Vladimir Ghica

Who we truly are as a person inside, our history, capabilities, and beliefs, are what matter in the long run. If we are not satisfied with that, it will erupt sooner or later into a crisis, no matter how deeply things are buried. Suicides, addictions, or aggression towards other are common negative outcomes.

Who we portray to be to others on the outside, our persona, can lead to some short-term advantages and success. If it is and remains discrepant long-term from who we truly are as a person, it will eventually be seen through, and lead to both lack of satisfaction AND lack of success.

It is thus important to be in touch with who we are as a person, and improve it, so it converges with who we would like to be as a persona. Understanding our mind, how it works, and how to improve it, is the crucial first step. MindX Sciences has developed tools to help this process.

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