Food for Thought2023-06-11

We are what we eat.

Ludwig Feuerbach

What we ingest, in terms of the trinity of environment, food and information, can profoundly affect our mind, and our life. Proper sustenance by being exposed to nature every day, eating organic whole foods, and having a diet of uplifting and educational information, is key to a healthy, happy, hopeful and meaningful life. Gene expression in the brain (and your whole body) is powerfully modulated by what you ingest, and can change for better (or worse) your mental health.

It is a reality that the majority of the population is deprived of one or more of the above on a daily basis. Is it then a wonder why the overall mental health of the population, in the US, and around the world, has been getting worse instead of better, despite (or maybe because of) rapid economic and technological progress?

Simple prescription:

  1. Take a one hour walk (or equivalent) in nature every day, rain or shine.
  2. Eat organic whole food that you cook yourself, whenever possible.
  3. If it is not uplifting or educational, do not read/watch it (unless it is your job to do so).

Live. Happier. Longer.