Everything is 3D2023-07-14

A life-worshipper's philosophy is comprehensive.

Aldous Huxley

We need to use comprehensive 3D approaches (bio-socio-psychological) to comprehensively diagnose and treat people, so we can comprehensively improve their 3D Life (health, wealth and influence), and their 3D Mind (anxiety, mood and cognition), before they spiral into 3D destructive outcomes (suicide, violence and addictions).

Society currently relies on 1D approaches, to improve one aspect of life, and/or one aspect of mind, hoping to avert one destructive outcome. It is like cutting one head of the mythological Hydra, the other heads will rear up if not cut at the same time.

At MindX Sciences we have developed tools for comprehensive 3D bio-socio-psychological approaches (biomarkers, Life x Improve, Life x Mind app), that can be used to suggest and track in a 3D way Life improvements and Mind improvements, to prevent in a 3D way suicide, violence, and addictions.

Live. Happier. Longer.