Progress and Mental Health2023-10-16

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

Kofi Annan

Making progress towards real life success (health, wealth, influence) is what makes people satisfied (happy, hopeful, and gives meaning to their lives). People can measure and track that with our Life x Mind App.

The perception of making progress does wonders for mental health, and is the basis of the placebo effect. It reduces for people the perception that life is bad, that they should be scarred (stress, pain), or scared (anxiety) by negative events, that they should give up (depression) or that they should try to escape them in their mind (psychosis) or in life (suicide), or anesthetize themselves (addictions).

The blood tests we have developed can help with objective assessment, which is progress. They can match people to medications based on their biology, which is progress. They can track response to treatment and improvement, which is progress. It will be interesting for individuals to see how their Life x Mind app measurements and MindX One blood test results bi-directionally influence each other, in a virtuous circle.

Live. Happier. Longer.