True to Yourself2023-10-23

To thine own self be true.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

We all have better outcomes when what we do matches who we are, rather than externally imposed constraints. In medicine, that means personalized treatments. In life that means an environment and people that are a good fit. Spiritually, it means finding long term (and even transcendent) meaning to your life, working on something that outlasts it, whether that is your progeny, building something, advancing knowledge, and so on.

The reverse is true as well. As a psychiatrist I have seen a lot of people doing very poorly on wrong treatments. Even when treated correctly, wrong environments and people in their lives kept holding them back. And the spiritual conflict between caring about other people’s opinions and judgments vs. their own opinions and needs can lead to deep angst and tragic outcomes.

We are doing our bit to help people with that in mental health, and beyond. Our MindX One blood tests provide help with assessment and treatment choices. Our Life x Improve digital tool can get your life back on the right path and prevent tragic outcomes. Our Life x Mind app can help you know yourself, improve yourself, and provides a GPS for your life.

Live. Happier. Longer.