Reality and Stories2023-12-18

Those who tell the stories rule society."


Stories and storytellers rule the world, by providing a framework for current events, future goals, and overall meaning. They can convey knowledge, when accurate. The stories we tell ourselves, and to others, and that others and society tell us, drive beliefs and behaviors. They provide narratives that frame and inform the choice of, and allocation of resources to, pursue goals. Stories may be useful tools, or they may lead us astray. They may be short-cuts to a perception of achievement that may be detrimental to your real-life goals in the long run, i.e., they are addictions. When stories are greater than reality, they can be motivational and aspirational if they move reality in their direction, or addictions if they do not. When reality is greater than stories, it can be a positive, i.e. a deliberate secret, or it can be a negative, i.e. a lack of mental health internally, or of leadership and communication externally.

There are three main components to each person’s reality, and two types of stories. The components of reality are: 1. the genetic code for our life, 2. the actual functioning of our body, which is the internal environment, and 3. the actual external environment and events. The two types of stories are: 1. the internal perceptions/representations in the mind, which are the internal stories we tell ourselves, and 2. the narratives and cultural constructs used to describe ourselves, things and events, that are shared bi-directionally with others and with society at large, which are the external stories.

Assessing and keeping track of reality and of the stories we tell ourselves and others, and that others and society tell us, are key to success in life in general, and to mental health in particular. My teams have developed tools to help with that: blood tests for the internal reality/biological determinants (MindX One), an app for the internal stories/psychological factors (Life x Mind), and a digital checklist for the external reality and stories/social determinants (Life x Improve].

Live. Happier. Longer.