An Ode to New Beginnings2024-01-01

Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Every New Year’s Day, there is an opportunity to reset, to begin anew, to build a better life, and do things that you truly believe in. Habits and streaks get started, whether it is for health, relationships, children, prosperity, and contribution to others. There is energy, a placebo-like effect, that motivates and mobilizes resources. Like all placebo effects, that can dissipate with time, if people fall off the wagon, if the belief is lost.

How to make it last all year? Write your goals down, look at them daily, and have a positive attitude. No Bad Days, No Zero Days, No Trivial Days. What does that mean in practice? Every day be grateful for the little or big blessings in your life. Every day do something towards your listed goals, even if it is for 5 minutes. Anything above zero compounds. Every day try to work on your important goals first, before the entropy of the day and the demands of others set you adrift.

Journaling and tracking things is important, whether with paper (preferable) or digital tools. Taking care of your physical and mental health in a comprehensive bio-socio-psychological way can ensure that most of the time you are in a positive state of mind, which permits you to focus on optimistic stories, and have constructive strategies. State-Story-Strategy.

New Year, New You.