How to Live a Good Life2024-06-03

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Bertrand Russell

Living a good life is not hard. But it has to be on your daily radar screen. A simple daily checklist of eight items can keep you on track. You do it in the morning reflecting on the day before, and it encourages you to keep it up, or do better today.

  1. First, did you eat a healthy diet? (For example, a mostly plant-based, Mediterranean diet.)
  2. Second, did you exercise? (For example, at least ten thousand steps.)
  3. Third, did you sleep well? (For example, at least 7 hours at night.)
  4. Fourth, were you intimate? (For example, hug, cuddle, or more with an intimate partner.)
  5. Fifth, did you socialize? (For example, talk to family and friends.)
  6. Sixth, were you useful? (For example, helpful to others.)
  7. Seventh, did you minimize addictions? (For example, recognized and avoided them.), and finally (optional)
  8. Eight, did you score in the game of life? (For example, wins or learns in your chosen line of work or activity.)

We have built this simple “Good Life” checklist into our Life x Mind app (along with other tools for tracking and improving your life, and your mind). It is not hard to get a high, even perfect, score every day, but it takes intentionality!