Mind x One2024-06-15

The future is already here- it’s just not evenly distributed.

William Gibson

There is a great need to transform the lives of people who have mental health issues that are perceived to be treatment-resistant, with suicidality, and hospitalizations. It is important that we move the needle there first, before doing our bit to improve the care as usual, and ultimately, prevention. We propose that it is the mismatch between what a patient actually has globally and what treatments they are currently receiving that leads to these challenges.

At present it appears to me that having a unitary approach to diagnosis, using phenomics and genomics, and then to the integration of diagnosis and treatment, is the key.

Looking at all dimensions of what a patient has at the same time, using bio–socio-psychological measures, is the first step. Matching that data with a personalized treatment plan, whether medications, lifestyle changes, and psychotherapeutic approaches, is the second step. Measuring the response, adjusting if need be, and then becoming part of routine follow-up and prevention, is the third step.

Towards that goal, we have integrated over two decades of academic and clinical research into practical tools, that can be used together as a comprehensive package, and that we are constantly improving. Digital and molecular, assessing all mind domains in a single app, a single blood tube, informing what could be used in a single pill box/pill pack, and a personalized to-do list of what changes people can make to their lives. That is our Holy Grail!