Sports and Life2024-06-24

Life is a sport. Make it count.

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Sports can be an important component of people’s lives, and they can certainly enhance life, make it richer and more enjoyable. Our relationship with sports can be active, or passive. Being aware of which is which, and intentional about what you do, can make a big difference.

Active participation is done for real/life reasons, for life success. For health (including mental health), as a profession, or as a team/league owner.

Passive spectating is done for stories/addictive reasons, for life satisfaction. Recreation, the feeling of belonging to a tribe, and vicarious winning.

Nothing wrong with the passive approach, in moderation, 20% of your sports-related activities. But emphasizing active reasons, especially in younger people, to be 80% of your interaction with sports, is a more productive way of life. You can build resilience and learn about overcoming adversity. And that translates to all other areas of your life!