One Minute Twice a Day2024-07-01

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


When people are not satisfied with their lives, they want to make changes. Usually the changes are viewed as needing to be sudden, all or nothing, dramatic, which creates a barrier to actual execution, implementation and sustainability.

A surefire way to make changes is to implement them gradually, incrementally, calmly. Small daily steps in the right direction. Then, if on top of that you are motivated to make additional massive improvements, that is a bonus, and in fact is made easier and set in motion by the small daily changes.

We have implemented in our Life x Mind app a simple 4-items One Minute Self Therapy (therapy of Self by self), to be done in the AM. And a simple 4-items One Minute Self Improvement, to be done in the PM. Both of them focus your life on the positives, and in the right direction. Their results are cumulative, and transformative. If you do not have 2 minutes a day to do them, you do not have a life. And you probably need to do them even more than the average person!